Manufacturers & Importers

All substances that are manufactured or imported into the EU equal or above 1 t per annum have to be registered at the European Chemicals Agency ECHA. If the substance is not registered by the manufacturer / importer, it shall not be manufactured / imported nor be placed on the market or be used.

We assist you in managing your registrations:

  • We analyse to which extent you are affected by REACH
  • We identify required obligations
  • We coordinate required actions
  • We take over cost planning and cost control
  • We manage registrations and notifications
  • We communicate with ECHA
  • We represent your interests in SIEFs and consortia
  • We adjust the registration dossier with regard to the safety data sheet
  • We update the registration dossier

We are further prepared to

  • Manage late preregistrations
  • Prepare ECHA enquiries for non-phase-in substances according to REACH Article 26
  • Notify ECHA for substances that are manufactured or imported for the purpose of product and process oriented research and development (PPORD)
  • Help to create your extended safety data sheets (eSDS)

Please feel free to contact your ChemGuide!